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Our extensive experience in training enables us to deliver the help you need in a way that suits your learning style and ability.
Our easy to follow instruction enables you to remember and retain the knowledge you gain in order to use when we're not there to help!
Our training will give you the skills use your Mobile phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop or Mac computer with ease.
Our knowledge of the latest App's and software will help you to quickly come to grips with using your device.

Key Benefits
  • We show you how to use your device (Mobile Phone, Tablet, PC, Laptop or Mac Computer) effectively
  • We show you how to use all the latest apps and software including how to use social media
  • Training delivered at the right pace and to suit your current skill level using plain language and simple to understand instructions
  • Training delivered by professionally trained coaches who understand your needs and concerns
  • Refresher courses available for those who just need to brush up on their skill levels
  • Direct helpline for those times when you get stuck - we all get stuck from time to time!

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