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Technological progress waits for no one and over the last few years there's been an explosion of new technology which has left all but the most tech savvie behind.

Just about everyone now has a Smart Phone or Tablet and they seem to get a lot more use than the traditional Laptop or PC with them being carried in pockets or bags and used in many different ways and environments.

This change in the way we use these devices has led to them becoming more susceptible to damage caused by all manner of things such as dropping them or getting them wet or just sitting on them!

There are of course insurances you can take out to help in these sorts of incidences but what if you just want to repair your device or simply update it and transfer the data from one device to another?

We can repair most mobile devices at very competitive prices or help you to transfer your data from one device to another.

We can help you when things aren't going right with your device or you need help with a new app.

Key Benefits

  • iPhone, iPad, Android (Samsung, Lenovo, Google etc.) phones and tablets, Netbooks, Ultrabooks, Book readers (Kindle / Kobo) repair and service

  • Competitive rates

  • Quick repairs

  • Phone unlocking

  • Screen repairs

  • New batteries fitted

  • Virus checking and removal

  • Set up and app installation

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